Why We Choose Brown Wegher For Every Home We Build

Brown Wegher works with a lot of clients in the Sioux City, Dakota Dunes, and Whispering Creek communities, and some more than once. Mike and Connie Schmidt recently completed their third home project with Brown Wegher, and we were fortunate enough to sit down with them to talk about their unique experience.

How long have you been a Brown Wegher customer?

Approximately 10 years.

What team members do you normally work with?

We’ve been fortunate to have some of the same people help us on our projects: Rick Wegher, Jane Parmeter, Jerry Bourek, Dan Feste, Cathy Wegher and Hilary Hawkins.

What about working with Brown Wegher keeps you coming back?

Building a new home is exciting, especially when the builder and their team are just as excited to work with you. The Brown Wegher team valued our personal vision and made our project a reality—a quality, custom home built with integrity and enthusiasm.

What have you learned with each home build?

From start to finish, we have learned to enjoy and have fun with the construction process. The development of the plans, selecting the perfect lot, pouring the foundation, watching your rooms come together with drywall, seeing the finishing design touches—these are all important, and exciting, steps.

Looking back, what three pieces of advice would you have given yourself during your first build?

  1. Building can be an emotionally challenging experience. You have to make lots of decisions, and you often have to choose what you want and what you can afford, which means deciding what you get to keep and what you must give up. Rick will provide you with a “no surprise budget,” and that will keep you in control of your decisions and help you get ready for your end financing.
  2. Visualize how you will use each space. Where will your furniture go? What walls will display your favorite paintings?
  3. Keep an open mind to timetables. Visit your site often with your project manager and be ready to make decisions quickly to keep the project flowing and coordinated.

What’s the most important part of building a house?  

Choosing the right builder. We chose Brown Wegher and Rick because we knew we would be getting the highest quality home and building standards with lasting integrity.  With Brown Wegher, you get more than just a beautiful home; you’ll get a positive, professional experience every step of the way. And both will leave an exceptional impression on your life.

Are you ready to create your dream home with Brown Wegher like the Schmidts? Let’s build something together.

Thanks for reading! The above material has been edited and modified with an emphasis on flow, content, relevance, and the spirit of the interview