Why I Love My Job At Brown Wegher: An Interview with Dan Feste, Residential Project Manager

After two years of pre-engineering at Iowa State, Dan Feste moved to the Chicago suburbs after he realized that he preferred to understand construction from a hands-on perspective. Twenty-three years later, he had worked his way up the ranks and back to his roots in Sioux City. Dan has been a Residential Project Manager at Brown Wegher for more than five and a half years now, and today he tells us a little bit about why he loves coming to work every day.

“Working with clients to help them build their dream home is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job,” said Feste, who has loved building things since he was a kid. “The icing on the cake is when customers can’t wait to tell their friends to build with Brown Wegher.”

Feste mentioned the question he most often gets asked by clients is “Are we on schedule?” (he’s happy to answer “yes” to that more often than not). He has learned that the most effective way to manage residential construction is through strong communication, especially in delivering that building a home in the Sioux City area isn’t always fool proof. Problems can arise. Schedules may change. In the end, however, time doesn’t matter to the perfect end result.

“I often find that homeowners get so tied to the schedule and the day-in and day-out operations of the site,” he said. “When you can trust the process, you can take a deep breath and enjoy it a lot more.”

Just as important as the enjoying the process is enjoying Siouxland. “Sioux City really grew up while I was away,” Feste said, alluding to his 23 years spent in Chicago. “While I’m surprised how many homes keep going up here, it’s not a surprise as to why. Siouxland has a lot to offer with minimal traffic, great people, and family-oriented lifestyles.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of neighborhoods and locations around Siouxland,” he adds. “One of my favorite projects was building a home on the top of a hill in the middle of a cornfield. You forget how pretty this part of the country is until you frame a window around the view.”

Want to pick Dan’s brain about a potential new home in Sioux City? Email him here.