Why Cloud-Based Project Management Software Gets a Thumbs Up from Brown Wegher

Collaborative cloud-based project management software isn’t just for creative agencies and law firms anymore; it is now impacting residential and commercial construction in a big way.“From our architects and designers to our foremen and trim carpenters, everyone at Brown Wegher is on board with it.” said Tyler Manker, VP of Commercial Construction. “It was an easy sell because it makes feedback, documentation, and collaboration so much easier.”

The teams at Brown Wegher use Procore, one of the preeminent cloud-based construction management software platforms. “I like it because I’m pretty busy, and it can keep up with me,” adds Manker. “I can switch gears, and still feel confident I know where I am with every project.”

Outside of the collaborative and hiccup-reducing benefits, cloud-based construction software also creates smoother communication with clients. Project managers know, at a glance, how well construction is tracking with regard to its goals, budget, and overall timeline; when a client has questions, the team has immediate answers.

“Miscommunication happens in any office and on any project,” said Tim Brown, Vice President of Brown Wegher. “However, in a cloud-based environment, you can access notes, plans, and designs from anywhere. We don’t have to shout over equipment anymore. We can open up our computers or look at our phones for the information we need – and our field managers can access real time information from their Ipad or phone immediately.”

Because the software is so intuitive, it not only notifies the teams of what is currently happening, it can also warn them when a project is at risk for delays or contradictions. Its highly participative nature provides consistent and tangible business benefits at nearly every level of implementation, especially when it comes to coordinating the efforts of several entities immersed in a project.

“It truly is a game changer,” adds Brown. “So much of construction isn’t linear. It’s a lot of moving parts that are happening simultaneously. We like it because we can see all the pieces as they work together, how they may conflict, and how to remedy conflicts before they become costly or create delays. Clients love it because we can stay ahead of the game, keep communication flowing, and provide them with a much less stressful project experience.”

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