Which direction should my home face?

When you’re planning your home, a surprisingly important thing to consider is the direction that your house is facing. The implications of this range from preventing mild inconvenience to ensuring your safety.

If the front of your home is going to face North and your driveway will be on a steep slope, wintery conditions will be amplified considerably, as the sun will not hit the driveway. Water on the driveway will be more likely to freeze and stay frozen than areas exposed to the sun. Given the fact that temperatures often hover around freezing in Siouxland, snow and ice tend to melt and refreeze more than in other places. Therefore, this is especially significant in the Sioux City area.

Furthermore, it is important to think about the direction that your backyard faces, as most people have their deck, family room, and kitchen facing their backyard. The sun sets in the West and if these rooms are also facing the West, you’ll have lots of sunlight coming in in the late afternoon and evening. If nothing is done to curb these rooms’ intake of sunlight, this can be problematic in a few different ways. Among other things, it can fade furniture and create a glare on televisions. Unlike North-facing and steeply-sloped driveways, however, this can be remedied pretty easily. Sun shades and thoughtful consideration towards the effects of late afternoon and evening sun can alleviate this problem altogether.

On the “bright” side, after it’s done interfering with activities, you’ll get a front-row seat to some breathtaking sunsets.

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