Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Metal Buildings In The Sioux City Metro Area

Metal buildings in and around the Sioux City area vary in construction, materials, size, color, and function. How they are built is just as important as how they are used; it’s why we place so much importance on planning both the interior and the exterior construction. And it’s why it’s important to consider the pros and cons of building materials prior to breaking ground on a project.

Metal buildings are an excellent choice for the following scenarios.

  • When your business only needs one story. As a rule, metal building structures tend to not work well for buildings requiring several stories. When you need a massive one-story building, however, there is no better way to build one than with steel.
  • When your budget and your time are tight. Steel buildings take less time to construct than more “conventional” commercial buildings. This means less strain on finances, investors, productivity, and of course, gets you into your building much faster.
  • When you need the savings to go beyond construction. Steel buildings feature nearly unmatched durability; not only can they weather most climates and conditions, they are also remarkably low maintenance. This also makes insurance on the buildings more affordable, saving additional money across your budget.
  • When you need large, open, interior spaces. Because metal buildings eliminate the need for bulky structural columns, they can be customized for nearly limitless interior configurations. This is particularly useful for new and growing businesses with changing needs.
  • When you need significant customization. Just because steel buildings come together quickly and affordably doesn’t mean they don’t offer a full course of customizations. The advanced engineering capability of Star metal buildings, plus the breadth of experience offered by the Brown Wegher team, create many specialized and optimized designs for specific and general use. 

Metal buildings typically are not preferred choices for the following situations.

  • When you want to build up versus out. When you have a small building footprint and need to expand upwards instead out outwards, metal buildings may not be your best option.
  • When you are working with an extremely tight or short-term budget. While metal buildings in Siouxland are far less expensive than conventional concrete and steel buildings, they are more expensive than wood-framed buildings. Over time, with the cost of maintenance and insurance, this price may even out, however if you are extremely limited in funds for your project, than a steel building may be outside your construction budget.
  • You want to build near salt water. When you live near the ocean, metal buildings have a shorter shelf life, unless you use corrosion-resistant steel. If you do, be prepared for a bit more maintenance over the life of the metal building. This, of course, isn’t much of a downside for metro Sioux City, but it’s good to keep in mind if your business is expanding.

This is a basic list of advantages and disadvantages to metal buildings. For a thorough evaluation of your building needs and customizations, call one of our experienced team members. We’ll make sure you get just the right building for your commercial needs.

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