Think You Know What We Can Do With Metal Buildings? Think Again.

We say, “metal buildings in Siouxland,” and you say, “machine sheds.” This is where we shake our heads and set out to write an article where we show you how steel buildings can be ever so much more. Mostly because they already are.

Metal buildings in Sioux City surround you, and you may not even be aware of it. Due to their affordability and durability, metal buildings are amazingly versatile. Strong beams and supports can allow for high expansive ceilings and open spaces, free of interior columns and obstructions. This makes them ideal for gyms, churches, warehouses, airplane hangars, auditoriums, shopping malls and showrooms.

A strong marriage of form and function, metal buildings stand the test of time and long-lasting design. This makes them a good investment not just in their construction, but also their maintenance. With minimal risk of weather- and pest-related damage, steel buildings outlast their wooden counterparts and out-perform their conventional concrete ones, especially in terms of price.

And there is one more thing Brown Wegher can do with metal buildings that not everyone realizes: we can almost completely recycle them. This means we can build some of the most striking buildings in the Sioux City metro area, pull them down decades later, and have their pieces reformed to continue the tradition of form, function, strength and durability.

While there are several things a metal building cannot do (be several stories tall, for instance), the advantages of steel buildings are impressive and the possibilities of steel building are nearly endless.

When you are ready to talk to someone about your next commercial building project in Sioux City, our Brown Wegher team is here for you. We not only help you select your site, we can also walk you through the design process, all the way down to handing you the keys and garage fobs. We’ll show you how metal buildings can be just what your business needs to get the job done.

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