Custom Homes

While many people start with a model home, more often than not, our clients are looking for something custom designed and built specifically for them.

Below are four featured custom homes, each a completely different style and all customized for their specific owners.

Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is characterized by:

  • Lack of excessive ornamentation
  • Emphasis on rectangular forms
  • Use of modern materials
  • New uses for traditional materials
  • Open, flowing interior spaces
  • Generous use of glass & light


The Craftsman style is characterized by:

  • Low pitched gable roof
  • Decorative knee braces
  • Usually 1 or 1.5 stories
  • Built in cabinetry
  • Large covered front porches
  • Double hung windows

European Traditional

European Traditional Home characteristics:

  • Inspired by Old World Europe
  • Lots of charm & character
  • Voluminous ceilings
  • Archways, columns, keystones, turets
  • Varied, complex roof designs
  • Grand, open floor plans

Rustic Modern

Rustic Modern home characteristics include:

  • Use of rustic materials like wood & stone
  • Clean and simple designs
  • Unique textural elements
  • Generous use of earth tones
  • High ceilings, exposed beams
  • Blend of nature & contemporary styles

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