Metal Buildings Pros and Cons

Metal buildings have numerous advantages, depending on the end use of the building. For some businesses, a steel building’s strengths make it is a perfect fit, but for companies with different needs, a metal building system may not be ideal.


Premier Bankcard in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota is a great example of an aesthetically appealing metal building.
  • Metal buildings are extremely durable and typically last longer than other types of buildings. They are also immune to termites and are much more likely to withstand extreme weather conditions than other building materials. As a result of this durability, they usually require less maintenance and tend to cost less to insure.
  • Steel buildings take less time to build than other types of structures, which is extremely consequential, as the expression “time is money” couldn’t be more applicable than it is in construction. Every day of building comes with a hefty price tag, so getting a project done a few weeks sooner than normal saves investors quite a bit of money.
  • Steel buildings can be constructed with superior insulating systems than alternative structures, making them much more energy efficient.
  • If you choose to build a metal building with Brown Wegher, ¬†you’re helping the environment- most of our materials are recyclable.
  • By eliminating the need for columns on the building’s interior, steel buildings facilitate enormous flexibility for a building’s interior operations. This really comes in handy for new or rapidly evolving businesses that may have different needs in the future.
  • The advanced engineering capability of metal building structures allows for savings of up to 10% on customization compared to conventional steel structures. This means that metal buildings are excellent not only for storage and warehouse facilities, but commercial buildings needing significant customization.


  • Metal building structures tend to not work very well for multistory buildings.
  • While they less expensive than conventional steel and concrete buildings, metal building structures cost more than wood building structures.
  • In oceanic climates, steel can susceptible to corrosion. This threat can be neutralized by using corrosion-resistant steel, but this does require routine maintenance.