Once I obtain my building permit, how long before I can move into my new home?

Building a home is an exciting time for our clients. But they aren’t really excited about building a home. Really they are excited about moving into their new home.

So we often get questions such as, “Once I get my building permits, how long will it take to build my home and be able to move in?”

The U.S. Census Bureau’s national Survey of Construction suggests that it takes approximately seven months to build a new home — from the day you obtain a building permit to the day you move in.

Brown Wegher can beat that national average and complete your new home in an average of five month
s. But keep in mind that larger homes, especially ones with more elaborate floor plans and intricate designs, can take up to 18 months.

One of the largest factors in determining the length of a time a home construction project will take is whether we’re building a home based on one of our existing models, we’re tweaking a model or we’re designing a custom home based on your visions and dreams of the perfect home.

When hiring a builder, you need to make sure they are up front with how long the process will take so you can plan your move in date accordingly. It’s also important your builder keeps you regularly posted on your home’s progress from beginning to completion.

At Brown Wegher, we pride ourselves on being active partners with you every step of the way so your home building experience is a wonderful one.

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