Looking for a Better Building Experience

When Cathy Hwang and her husband sat down with Rick Wegher of Brown Wegher Construction to talk about building their next home, like many home owners, they had a lot of questions.

“This was our second time building and we wanted a better experience than with our previous builder,” Cathy noted. “Our first house was great but the process of getting there was a lot more work than we wanted; and that made us wary of building again.”

A Strong Recommendation

When they decided they wanted to build again, the Hwang’s realtor recommended they meet with Brown Wegher, specifically because of their keen attention to detail and streamlined home building process.

“From our first meeting it was clear that Brown Wegher wanted this to be a great experience for us,” Cathy explained. “And it was.”

Brown Wegher’s team starts by understanding your wants and needs—and any specific concerns you have about the process.

“Cathy and her husband shared their concerns from their first build with us early on,” said Rick Wegher, CEO of Brown Wegher Construction. “Then we talked about our detailed process and how we do things differently and that helped put them at ease.”

Clear Timelines & Expectations

When building a home with Brown Wegher Construction, Rick and his team map out a clear timeline for each phase of the project. They provide clients with plenty of time to select flooring, tile, carpet, lights, plumbing fixtures—everything to make their home unique.

“They’re professionals,” Cathy commented. “I didn’t have to study up on anything or research options. They guide you the whole way. It’s not stressful at all!”

“Once we set our plan in place, we work extremely hard to deliver on everything we promise,” Rick Wegher noted. “We communicate throughout the entire build so there are no surprises. That’s just the way we do things.”

Custom Finishes All Their Own

Cathy wanted a very modern look for her home and the team at Brown Wegher helped her find the perfect fixtures, flooring and accents to fit her style.

Brown Wegher’s interior designers always stay up on the latest trends in lighting, flooring and other finishes.  Cathy still enjoys going to their offices to see “what’s new” in home design and technology, even though her house is complete.

Three words about your experience with Brown Wegher Construction: Knowledgable, Resourceful, Professional”

An Experienced Home Builder Removes the Stress

“I’m glad we chose Brown Wegher to build this home,” Cathy reflected. “Going with a professional, experienced builder just removes the stress. They help you figure out everything and make the entire process easier.”

About the Hwang’s Home

  • Custom Build
  • Contemporary Style
  • 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Finished Basement
  • 4 Bedroom + Kid’s Study