If Walls Could Talk: Why I Chose Brown Wegher As My General Contractor

Every once in a while, we like to sit down with one of our new homeowners and talk about what they love most about their new home, what they most enjoyed about the process, which parts were the most difficult, and what advice they can give other clients looking to embark on the home-building adventure. Today we sat down with Beth Trejo, a local Sioux City entrepreneur who holds the keys to one of our homes in the Dakota Dunes, South Dakota.

What finishes do you love in your new home and why?

Brown Wegher had a few design suggestions that I liked the moment I saw them, and love even more now. Our lime-washed wide oak plank flooring is one of them. It has this rustic feel, and the lower sheen is perfect for hiding dust, crumbs, and life’s inevitable scratches. This flooring promises to look even better with time. The same goes with the subway backsplash tile in our kitchen. The additional texture adds interest, and we decided to tile it in a straight line instead of the traditional brick pattern.

Brown Wegher also introduced a window concept that really made our windows “pop”: black aluminum windows with drywall returns, meaning the drywall wraps to the window frame, removing the need for trim work and additional finishing. Often used in commercial construction, this no-hassle window concept allowed the windows to frame our view in a really cool way. It feels like the outdoors views are framed in each room.

How did the Brown Wegher designers help with your vision?

I didn’t really have “a” vision; I had several. Our designer put them all on the drawing board and ended up with a concept that felt cohesive and extremely customized. There were also a few elements, like the barn door I had from my brother’s farm, that they were able to incorporate as a functional door to our sunroom. I was most impressed with how they took what was important to us and made it all work together.

What parts of the process were the most helpful?

Outside of the overall design, what I found helpful was being able to lean on the team for help. The Brown Wegher team do an excellent job in helping narrow down choices so you can feel confident you are making the right one; this part was important to me because the last thing I wanted to do was waste time and energy (and money) second-guessing myself. It is extremely important to make decisions on time to keep the project rolling along.

Their design center also played a big role in the decision-making process because it let us compare everything in one location side by side by side, saving us from the time and hassle of going to multiple home stores. Plus it gave us the benefit of an expert opinion on the spot.

What words of advice can you give people building their dream home?

Four things:

  • Keep everything in perspective.
  • Nobody will ever know the decision you didn’t make. The final one is always the right choice because no one will ever know the other options.
  • Don’t decide on a plan based on what you see online. Walk through it in person to make sure it’s the right fit.
  • Trust Brown Wegher to give you a dream home that actually lives up to your own hype.