How To Build A House In Siouxland (And Love The Process)

Building a new home in Sioux City has never been easier, thanks in part to technology and the experienced teams at Brown Wegher Construction. We sat down with Dan Feste, one of our Residential Project Managers, to give us his take on his favorite parts of the construction process.

What is your process for beginning a new residential project?

First and foremost, I try to get to know the client as well as possible, especially how they like to communicate. It’s equally important to get a solid understanding of their style and expectations, so when we do have phone calls and meetings, we can set priorities and timelines based on those needs. I’ve found this is the best way to build trust, and it’s also one of the fastest ways they can begin to dive in and really enjoy the process.

Brown Wegher homes tend to have a certain feel to them. What is your signature “flair” when working with customers?

Clients typically come into the homebuilding process with the knowledge that it’s a stressful, expensive ordeal. I try to avoid that as much as possible and incorporate ways to make sure the client enjoys each phase of construction. I do this by making myself available when they have questions and by encouraging them to get excited about the project. I also offer professional—but not pushy—advice about design decisions; I always say, “This is my opinion, but this is your home.” When the project is done, I always want my clients to feel like the construction process was just as good and rewarding as the finished product.

What are three things you wish every client would do when building a home?

1. Realize the time and commitment it takes in choosing the right design choices for their new home.

2. Understand that changes to a project are OK, but they may not be free or without delays.

3. Mistakes will happen, yet everything can be corrected.

In your opinion, what is the most important room in the house? Why?

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone: The kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you cook a ton or eat cereal for supper; the kitchen is always the focal point of the home. At every holiday gathering, family get-together, and neighborhood potluck, where does everyone gravitate toward? The kitchen counters. It’s a universal rule that everyone understands.

What do you see in custom home trends for 2017?

There’s no question that the modern aesthetic has been extremely popular lately. I think you’ll start to see a swing back to more traditional, with more attention paid to moldings, wood finishes, and warmer color palettes.

What trends from 2016 (or before) are you happy to see go away?

Interior doors that have no casing. I get the appeal, but it’s nice to see doorways framed and defined.

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