6 Reasons Why Metal Buildings Will Be Around A While. And Why That’s A Good Thing.


Whether it’s a landmark alongside one of Sioux City’s many major roadways or a machine shed on the family farm, metal buildings, like Star Building Systems, are built to last. They last not just because businesses and farms need them to, but because that’s what steel buildings are designed and built to do.

There are several reasons why metal buildings will be around a long time in Siouxland. Here are six of them. 

Premium components.
When structural components are checked several times for quality, when only the best materials are sourced, when a building is thoughtfully and expertly designed by experienced professionals, the outcome is a masterpiece built to withstand the test of time, growth, change, and weather. We don’t use the word “premium” lightly; it is intentional and exact, just like every step of our design, manufacture, and construction process. After all, “premium” is why our buildings tend to last for generations.

Weather resistant.
When your business and commercial needs are based in Siouxland, you know that weather can often be an unwelcome concern. Tornados, hail, high winds, heavy snow loads, huge temperature fluctuations are part of what makes living here both dramatic and worrisome. Steel buildings provide the strength and durability needed to withstand harsh Midwest weather systems, particularly when compared to their wood pole counterparts, and they virtually eliminate the apprehensiveness that accompanies tumultuous weather conditions.

The more energy a building can conserve, the cheaper it is to maintain. The cheaper it is to maintain, the more beneficial it is to use, and the longer it can remain in service. The versatility of steel buildings allows for many energy efficient techniques; the use of insulated metal panels, reflective roof surfaces, high-quality insulation, and careful coordination of HVAC systems are just a few ways metal buildings in Sioux City area earn their longevity.

Low Maintenance.
As we said above, when a building requires very little to keep it maintained, it stands to reason that it will keep standing. Steel buildings are undeniably strong, withstanding 60mph gusts as well as they do the futile attempts of termites. From their foundation to their roofing surfaces, metal buildings are grounded in durability, using materials that have proven time and time again that they can be affordable, resilient, and require very little from the companies and people who depend on them.

We talked about how environmentally friendly construction and affordability aren’t mutually exclusive in our “Benefits of Building Green” post. This is particularly true with metal buildings, which can be outfitted with several sustainable methods. When the carbon footprint is lower and a building “earns its green stripes” through energy efficiency, it becomes a model of construction behavior with respect to the environment. The long life of a metal building reduces the overall construction impact on the local habitat; this means not only will the building be around a while, but also the local ecosystem.

One way to ensure a building never “dies” in Sioux City is to make sure its pieces always stay in circulation. Since nearly every bit of a metal building can be recycled, it ensures the possibility of more beautiful buildings without negatively impacting the environment or overburdening Siouxland area landfills. And this is a very good thing.

When you want construction that is built to last, commercial metal buildings are a clear choice. Designing a building with longevity in mind takes a skilled and experienced team as well as a tried-and-tested building product firm. Brown Wegher works with Star Building Systems for this reason, so that clients can receive the best of both worlds in order to enjoy the benefits of quality and thoughtful construction for generations to come.

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