5 Things Your Project Manager Wants You To Know About Your New Home Construction

Ready to start building your new home? Not so fast, says Jeremy Sitzmann, Residential Project Manager for Brown Wegher. To make the home-building process go as smoothly as possible, he has some tips for clients.

Get ready to answer some questions.

“I like to establish clear expectations for the project,” said Sitzmann. “I always ask clients about their timeline, from their ideal move-in date to what days and time are most convenient to go over project, construction, and design details.” These on-site meetings are crucial to being able to communicate ideas and expectations for design and function elements of the home.

Get ready to ask them, too.

From financing and budgets to door placement and tile choices, everyone is better served by transparency and open communication. “I welcome questions and concerns at any stage,” adds Sitzmann. “When clients present ideas, suggestions, or changes to the project, it tells me they are engaged and paying attention.”

Be a part of the team.

“Brown Wegher has home-building down to a science, and our ability to work as a team is unlike any other I’ve seen in the industry,” he states. “That said, our homes aren’t cookie-cutter. We can embrace the “rural” aspect of our city in ways no other place in the country can, and new ideas and designs are always coming into practice.” Some of these new ideas stem from industry trends, and other are born from the teamwork that naturally occurs as part of the firm and a part of the process of working with unique and creative homeowners.

Understand the impact of seasonal and weather-related challenges.

As you can imagine, there are some elements of building a new home that are within your control and some that are not. Take building a house during the winter in the Sioux City, Iowa and Siouxland area, for example. “The biggest challenges are fighting the snow and cold,” Sitzmann states. “We readily add heat to our projects and keep things closed up to keep as much of the wet and freezing out. We can keep projects rolling all year round because we have the team and the workforce to get things done.”

Recognize that schedules are a little flexible.

While it’s rare a new home build goes exactly according to plan, project managers like Sitzmann build a little wiggle room into schedules and budgets to allow the process to flow as smoothly as possible. However, unexpected delays or events are inevitable—and it’s not always on the contractor side. “There was one project in particular where we had a home pushed forward on schedule and the client needed to move in earlier than expected,” he recounted. “Our Brown-Wegher team banded together, and we were able to work with our amazing subcontractors to get the job done right, and right on time.”

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