2017 Residential Construction Design Trends in Siouxland

If you don’t know this, we certainly do: Brown Wegher builds a lot of homes in Sioux City and the surrounding area. And with each new house in Siouxland, we start to see different design trends emerging and others fade. It’s what makes our industry and our contribution to it so vibrant and remarkable.

As we ramp up 2017, there are undeniable home design trends that are taking hold in our Midwest market. If you are considering remodeling or building a home in Sioux City, these are five things you should consider while planning and designing your space.

The New Home Office

More and more people are teleworking, whether they work at home during the day or catch up on work at night. While a designated home office is a luxury most homeowners can’t afford, it’s not absolutely necessary; what is necessary is carving a multifunctional space that can handle backpacks as well as briefcases.

This means: Making use of tucked away spaces and expanding the potential of multi-purpose areas with highly versatile furniture, lighting, and storage options.

Contemporary Home Office

Personal, Authentic Spaces

Goodbye one-size-fits-all, hello to a home that feels like…your home. More and more of our clients are leaning toward rooms and furniture designed around their lives, and not how the spaces are more generally used. This doesn’t mean creating niche or one-off spaces, per se; rather, it’s incorporating style, evolution and flow into a home so that it can grow and change as you do, and can do the same for the next homeowners. Think customized, but also customizable, rooms that can easily find a purpose.

This means: Personalized color palettes, textures, and furnishing choices that reflect your individual style and experience rather than what you may find in a magazine or showroom.


Bring on the bold.

If there is anything that can be said for 2017 design trends, it’s that it embraces the loud understatement. You’ll see drastic changes to appliances finishes, wood stains, and countertop choices, and they will stand out as conversation pieces not because they are loud, but because they quietly command attention. Think bright, but matte jewel tones. Think softly sanded hardwoods. Think appliances adorned with satin blacks, bronzes and golds, quartzite countertops in a range of cool new hues, and richly grouted subway tiles.

This means: You have so many more choices that feel like you, and—bonus—they are also lower maintenance.

Fall Parade of Homes 2011

We’ll continue to cover design trends as they pertain to specific rooms and uses, but these are strong cues to consider when designing your new home. With these 2017 design trends, our Brown Wegher team is more equipped than ever to help you align your life and style with your home design. We can’t wait to see what ideas you bring to the table.

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